Grow to Sweden at full speed!

Grow to Sweden three days program gave us an excellent view to the Swedish market and good tips for the next steps, comments Markku Breider, Business Development Director of Houston Analytics.

The intensive days in Stockholm were the core of the program. Houston Analytics together with a handful of startups as well as more established companies with a bit different needs from various business verticals were learning how to grow a Swedish business. Coaching session with the local experts gave answers where to focus, what to prioritize and how to optimize the resources in the Swedish market. Of course local marketing is important and to be as local as possible!

- We got an excellent overview of the Swedish market. It was very useful to listen to companies that had already established themselves in Sweden successfully and shared their experiences of what worked and what did not, cultural differences etc. Markku continues.

The members of the program visited at the NASDAQ Nordic HQ where CEO, Lauri Rosendahl, gave his view on the financial situation in the Nordics, availability of venture capital and Nasdaq’s work within sustainability. It was Interesting to hear that Finland and Sweden are globally at the top in this area and also are on the markets that had delivered the best return on investment over a long period of time.

- We also visited Crowe, a global public accounting, consulting and technology firm. There were sessions on how to organize a Swedish business, what matters in Sweden regarding reputation, trust and sustainability, the Swedish business environment and way of decision making that differs from the Finnish one.

- I must say that we got quite a lot of new ideas how to grow in Sweden, Markku sums up the three days and want to add warm thanks to the Finnish ambassador of Sweden, Liisa Talonpoika for very nice and informal evening in the Embassy.