Colin Shearer, pioneer and thought-leader in advanced analytics

Colin Shearer, Chief Strategy Officer of Houston Analytics, was recently interviewed by information management consultants Entity Group for their “Data Changemakers” series.

The article in short:

Colin Shearer has been a pioneer and thought leader in advanced analytics for over 25 years. His experience ranges from successful start-ups and the creation of market-leading tools and technology, to worldwide executive roles with the largest vendors.

Colin and his colleagues created for example the Clementine data mining workbench – now known as IBM SPSS Modeler – and the “Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining” - CRISP-DM. When using CRISP-DM you look at the business problem first, map that to analytical goals, execute the technical work, then map it back up to the business again to deploy the results and measure the value. Other methodologies have emerged over the years, but CRISP is probably still the most widely used.

Here are the three pieces of advice Colin would give to those embarking on a large data-related project:

1) Consider your analytical approach carefully. A good end goal is to create and deploy automated analytical processes that integrate with existing systems.

2) You must deliver to the business. It doesn’t matter how technically brilliant your analytical work is; until you do something effective with the results and enhance your current operations it is meaningless.

3) It’s not just a matter of applying smart technology. It’s essential to incorporate human domain expertise.

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